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A Little About Me...

My name is Brian, I'm a middle aged male from central Arkansas. You may call me Brian, Juggo or JuggoPop... I'll answer to any of them online or off.

I love art in many forms and I have personally been working in digital media for over a decade. Even today, all these years later... I love to get up & go to work in this field. I honestly love what I do.

Currently I am looking to expand the work I am involved in as well as team up with some new folks and come up with something amazing for 2015. Let's Talk!

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Recent Work History

For past two years I have had the pleasure of being a team member
...and I have the tattoo to prove it!

Prior to working with a major DrupalCon sponsor, I worked 4 years with an Arkansas based firm that leveraged various tools on various CMS platforms.

I've been a contractor, I've owned my own business, I've worked on LARGE projects with tight deadlines and I've worked on tiny mom and pop business sites. I am looking to be an innovator and lead new teams.

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A Little Lab of Experiments...

Prototypes, random ideas, small proofs of concept... I've got a little of it all.

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Working on a new project that should change the way the industry currently does AI > Design > Front-End Development. -- I'm out to design my way out of a job (before someone else does it)... If you want to know more, let's meet over dinner and drinks! It's gonna be a game changer.